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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I have a hen bird? I hear they taste better.

A. 90% of our turkeys are hens. The heavier the bird, the higher the likelihood of it being a stag. As regards the taste, it is unlikely that you would be able to tell the difference – they are both mouth-wateringly delicious.

Q. Will it fit in my oven?

A. A standard oven will take up to a 10kg bird. The approximate dimensions of a 9kg bird are: 35cm long x 25cm high x 30cm deep.

Q. How do I make sure that my bird stays moist?

A. Due to the maturity, feed and hanging of the turkeys, they are ‘self-basting’.

Q. I have an Aga – which oven should I cook it in?

A. We suggest you use the hot oven.

Q. How do I know if my turkey is cooked?

A. Using the Pop-Up® timer, you will know when your bird is cooked. Alternatively, you can pierce the inside of the thigh. The juices will run clear when the turkey is cooked.

Q. How many people will my bird feed?

A. We recommend 500g/1lb of Turkey per person for a crown and 600g/1¼lb per person for a whole turkey, but the actual amount is dependent on how much is required for Boxing Day or other meal times. For Geese a 4kg bird will feed approx. 4-5 people, 5kg will feed approx. 5-6 people and a 6kg Goose will feed approx. 8-9 people.

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